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Filippa Pestana 12745420_1320772181282149_1726964047123915672_nholds an MA degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Lund University. She is particularly interested in the interplay of migration, gender and citizenship issues. Passionate about youth work, speaking/learning new languages, and photography (as a research method, a facilitation tool or just a hobby). She does Portuguese translations for the blog.

Como o Daesh Fala sobre o mundo: Pontos centrais do discurso do Estado Islâmico 12 Mar 2106

A Ascensão do Estado Islâmico /ISIS Tem Raízes Complexas Dentro e Fora do Médio Oriente 21 Jan 2016


Tamara Taher
Tamara is working on a MA degree in International Studies with a focus on the Middle East at the University of Turin. She does Italian translations for the blog.

Lo Stato Islamico nel Mondo Digitale 16 Feb 2016

Pinar Ulumaskan 13340247_1176478045716372_6246730159547057813_orecently finished her MA degree in International Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle. She will continue her studies as a Ph.D. student at the Jackson School of International Studies in fall 2016. Her research focuses on Kurdish identity formation, ethnic recognition and political opportunities in the European diaspora. Moreover, she is interested in peace and conflict studies in the Middle East. She does German translations for the blog.

Wie Daesh über die Welt spricht: zentrale Merkmale des Daesh-Diskurses 14 Mar 2016