Issues of Radicalization

10/26/16 Is the Swedish Model of welcoming Jihadists home a lost cause? The Market Mogul

11/17/15 Why Paris? The Conversation
11/15/15 Mindless Terrorists? The Truth is Much Worse The Guardin
6/3/15 Russian Dad Fears Missing Daughter Ran Away To Join ISIS Huffington Post

5/28/15 Commander Of Elite Tajik Police Force Defects To ISIS Huffington Post

5/20/15 Lonely man finds a home in Islam, and then in Islamic State AP

5/20/15 Emrah and his Brothers: Germany’s Struggle for the Soul of Returning Islamists Spiegel International

5/6/15 From hip-hop to jihad, how the Islamic State became a magnet for converts Washington Post

5/4/15 The Tricky Business Of Combating The Islamic State In Minneapolis-St. Paul Think Progress

5/2/15 ISIS Foreign Fighters: Kazahk Premier League Player Joined Islamic State Group Extremists, Russian News Report Says International Business Times

4/29/15 Report: Islamic State recruiter based in Seattle Seattle PI

4/28/15 Islamic State Supporters Urge Baltimore Rioters to Join Extremist Cause Foreign Policy

4/27/15 Tunisian Students Spark Outrage by Unfurling Huge Islamic State and Nazi Banners at School Vice News

4/26/15 Malaysian Police Arrest 12 Suspects in Alleged Islamic State Plot WSJ

3/5/15 Fight extremism, but also injustices that fuel it — UN rights chief Jordan Times

2/28/15 Isis’s promise of certainty is what lures the likes of Mohammed Emwazi The Guardian

2/28/15 My meeting with Mohammed Emwazi’s friend as they sought a radical path The Guardian

2/27/15 Man from Christian family turns into ISIS suicide bomber Daily Star Lebanon

2/24 Islamic State: How foreigners are helped to reach Syria and Iraq BBC

2/20/15-U.S. Muslims Take On ISIS’ Recruiting Machine NYTimes

2/20/15-Three missing London schoolgirls ‘travelling to Syria to join Isil’ The Telegraph

2/6/15 Meet ‘Average Mohamed,’ a gas station manager who’s using cartoons to fight ISIS recruitment PRI

1/22/15-‘Charlie Hebdo’ Gunmen Are Textbook Case Of Radicalization NPR

1/13/15-Egypt hosts summit against extremism Al Monitor

11/5/14 Berlin Rapper Deso Dogg Appears in ISIS Beheading Video Vocativ

10/29/14-Radicalization: An Urgent Threat That Needs Washington’s Attention Huffington Post

April 2013-Motivation, Ideology, and the Social Process in Radicalization Association for Psychological Science

11/17/2008- Radicalisation, Recruitment, and the EU Counter-radicalisation Strategy EU

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