In-Depth pieces about ISIS

11/16/15 I was held hostage by Isis. They fear our unity more than our airstrikes The Guardian

7/9/2015  Inside the Islamic State NY Review of Books
6/10/15 Documenting life under ISIL Al-Jazeera English

6/9/15 A year of ISIL: ‘There is no future for Iraq’ Al-Jazeera English

6/9/15 Inside Mosul: What’s life like under Islamic State? BBC

6/9/15 The Islamic State (or someone pretending to be it) is trying to raise funds using Bitcoin Washington Post

6/9/15 One year ago, Islamic State stepped into the global spotlight. Here’s what has happened since. Washington Post

6/9/15 The unbelievable damage Islamic State has done to ancient sites in Iraq and Syria Washington Post

6/4/15 After Palmyra: Military and Economic Targets of the Islamic State Carnegie Endowment

6/3/15 ISIS Forces That Now Control Ramadi Are Ex-Baathist Saddam Loyalists The Intercept

6/3/15 Assad’s cooperation with ISIS could push U.S. into Syria conflict Haaretz

6/1/15 Where the Insurgent Groups of the World Get Their Weapons Foreign Policy

6/1/15 How Turkey tomb-raided its way out of confronting ISIL Al-Jazeera English

6/1/15 How the US Helped ISIS Jacobin

5/31/15 Saudi analysts on how to defeat ISIL’s threat Al-Jazeera English

5/31/15 Nasty, New Neighbors: How Close Will Extremists Get To Baghdad? Informed Comment

5/31/15 Fed Up With Islam and Sectarianism, Some Iraqis Embrace Zoroastrianism The Daily Beast

5/28/15 A How-To Guide To Buying Artifacts Looted by the Islamic State Foreign Policy

5/21/15 Exclusive: Turkish intelligence helped ship arms to Syrian Islamist rebel areas Reuters

5/19/15 ISIS Finances Are Strong NY Times

5/19/15 Ramadi has fallen to Isis. But there is still good reason for hope The Guardian

5/14/15 Who Will Succeed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? (And Does He Need a Successor?) Carnegie Endowment

4/24/15 The Islamic State’s Baathist roots Al-Monitor

4/18/15 The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State Spiegel International

3/20/15 Petraeus: The Islamic State isn’t our biggest problem in Iraq Washington Post

3/19/15 Medieval Fantasies?Islamic State Pursues Apocalyptic Logic Der Spiegel International

3/17/15 The Challenges of Mobilizing Sunni Tribes in Iraq SADA

3/15/15 A Short History Of ISIS Propaganda Videos Huffington Post

3/9/15 ISIS’ Plan to Take Its Caliphate Worldwide The Daily Beast

3/8/15 Why is Boko Haram teaming up with ISIL? Al-Jazeera

3/8/15 The Islamic State appears to fray from within Washington Post

3/7/15 Japan vs. the Islamic State VICE

3/7/15 The oil middleman between the Syrian regime and ISIS Business Insider

3/6/15 Meet the “Monuments Men” Risking Everything to Save Syria’s Ancient Treasures From ISIS Mother Jones

3/4/15 The Human Dimension of Life Under the Islamic State Carnegie Endowment

3/3/15 IS: from a jihadist ideology to a jihadist state, Part 2 openDemocracy

3/2/15 Iraq’s assault on Isis sparks fears of new atrocities in the Sunni triangle The Guardian

2/27/15 What we talk about when we talk about ISIS Mondoweiss

2/26/15 Don’t blame Snowden for the ISIS fiasco DailyStar

2/26/15 Islamic State and its increasingly sophisticated cinema of terror LA Times

2/26/15 An Anti-ISIS Summit in Mecca The Atlantic

2/24/15 ISIL is a complex group – it’s time we realised that The National

2/24/15 How ‘Islamic’ Is the Islamic State? The Nation

2/24/15 Beyond Authenticity: ISIS and the Islamic Legal Tradition Jadaliyya

2/24/15 After Isis: Kurds and Arabs return to old lives and new tensions The Guardian

2/23/15 IS: from a jihadist ideology to a jihadist state pt.1 openDemocracy

2/23/15 For Egyptian Survivors Of Islamic State Raid, The Nightmare Continues Huffington Post

2/21/15-Inside the Islamic State ‘capital’: no end in sight to its grim rule The Guardian

2/21/15-Have We Got ISIS All Wrong? Huffington Post

2/21/15-How Islamic State is expanding its empire of terror The Guardian

2/19/15 Who holds the real power in IS?  Al-Monitor

March 2015-What ISIS Really Wants– The Atlantic

2/19/15-How Stolen Art Buyers Fund ISIS:` What We Know Now aNewDomain

2/18/15 Is ISIS Authentically Islamic? Ask Better Questions The New Republic

2/17/15 The Islamic State’s atrocities Washington Post

2/14/15 Manufacturing Silence: On Jordan’s ISIS War, Arab Authoritarianism, and US Empire Jadaliyya

2/12/15 Inside ISIS: Interview with Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan about their new book on ISIS NOW Lebanon

2/11/15 The Fight for Mosul: Learning From the Past Carnegie Endowment

2/11/2015 ISIS Kills Gays: A History of Violence  Jadaliyya

2/5/15 Scenes from Daily Life Inside ISIS-Controlled Mosul Vanity Fair

2/3/2015 Book Review: ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror  Syria Comment

2/2/15 Caliphatalism The American Interest

1/30/15 Why we hate our reflections: Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State openDemocracy

1/27/15 Islamist Politics in the Shadow of the Islamic State Memos (contains 16 different pieces) POMEPS

1/21/15 Why ISIS Keeps Expanding Carnegie Endowment

12/25/14 The Islamic State is failing at being a state Washington Post

12/11/14-Isis: The Inside Story The Guardian

12/5/2014-Islamic State reaps profits from organ trafficking Al Monitor

11/16/14 IS plays on tribal marginalization in Iraq Al Monitor

9/26/14 What is Islamic State? BBC

9/3/14 ISIS Is a Disgrace to True Fundamentalism NYTimes

8/14/15 ISIS:The Spreading Cancer OpenDemocracy

6/15/2014 How an arrest in Iraq revealed Isis’s $2bn jihadist network The Guardian

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